Individual Therapy in Pikesville Maryland, Vermont & Florida

My clients are...

Adults who are motivated and open to self exploration. I am a psycho-dynamic therapist which means that I can help you identify patterns of problematic behaviors, thoughts, emotions and even physical sensations which cause you to make the same mistakes over and over.

Many of these patterns are unconscious. You adapted to these beliefs, (also called character strategies) to help you survive in your family of origin environment. The truth is that many of these old habits no longer serve you, but you unknowingly repeat them because they are ingrained in your mind and body.

The more that you are aware of these patterns, the more you will be free to practice and choose new thoughts, emotions, behaviors and even the way that you feel and experience your body. Individual therapy can help you with this and more.

You’re important.

You matter.

Your traumas and your feelings deserve your attention and that is what therapy can do for you. It gives you time to look at what’s going on emotionally so you can give your mind, body and heart what it needs to thrive.

And I can help you with this...

If you’re ready to consider therapy, you’ll find a handful of common questions clients often ask me about individual therapy to see if this is the right time for counseling.

Individual therapy often begins as a conversation. You share with me the challenges going on in your life, and my job is to listen for patterns and to help you identify themes in your life that are at the causes for the stress you’re currently feeling.


As our sessions progress, I will help you make sense of what is going on and understand the meaning behind your feelings. Therapy helps you grow your compassion towards yourself. From this more compassionate place, you open up to different choices about your life.

Yes but not always. Individual therapy is helpful for a relationship if you perceive that there is work you need to do on yourself. Topics like setting boundaries, personal accountability or healing childhood wounds are all great topics to work on in individual therapy. Doing this work will empower you as a person and therefore help every relationship you’re in.

The average successful course of therapy often takes 6 months to 2 years to complete. This doesn’t mean that a few sessions can’t be helpful. This is just what it takes for the average client to settle into the therapeutic process, build trust with their therapist, get clear on their goals and make significant progress.

This is a great question, and the truth is everyone is different. The immediate relief people feel is found right when therapy begins; knowing you’re no longer alone in your struggles is very helpful as a foundation.

From there, feeling better depends on the material you’re working on. You may feel better after the first session or it may take months to begin to feel relief. It depends on your level of clarity and commitment to the process, and also how big the issues are that you are attempting to deal with. Let’s talk about this when we meet so you have a better idea of the road ahead.

The short answer is yes I can. As a Somatic Psychotherapist, my speciality is helping clients heal from developmental or childhood trauma. Often people will come to therapy to address relationship problems, anxiety or depression as adults, but mental health issues usually stem from childhood which is why I help you look at your childhood experiences and relationships to understand the impact they have on your current life.

That said, the focus of therapy will always begin with the here and now and together we will explore wherever the problems stem from so you get the relief you’re seeking.

You can read more about my professional training here. And feel free to ask me any questions you may have about my expertise when we talk.

Here’s what I know. It’s tempting to run away from your problems. Most of us want to avoid things that are painful or cause us grief. What I can tell you is that matters of the heart do not go away. Picture a child who is begging their parents for attention. That child will keep asking and interrupting until you take a pause and give him or her the attention they need.

Individual therapy is a gift you give to your inner child. If you’re ready to explore working on your life, I would be honored to help you.

Please schedule a free consultation call with me so we can talk over your specific situation and see if working together makes sense for us both.