Shlomo Schor, Counselor in Maryland and Vermont

About Shlomo Schor, MS, LCPC

The Best Way Out is Always Through

I do not have a wait list, and I am accepting new clients today.

I know it’s hard to find the right therapist. As someone on my own healing journey, I understand the importance of working with someone who “gets” where you’re at. I bring more than a decade of work as a trauma therapist to our relationship.

If you have previously been in therapy or you’re simply struggling to let go of childhood wounds, I can help you.

My specialization is treating adults with painful attachments to their childhood. This can include challenges with your mom, dad or main caregiver, parental abuse or neglect, codependency, issues with trust, self confidence or self esteem. When your needs were not adequately met as a child, it can affect many areas of your life as an adult.

These childhood wounds can cause you to feel like it’s hard as an adult to enjoy your life. Communication with your partner, coworkers or even your own children may feel challenging. Asking for what you want may be difficult. Understanding your worries or anxieties may elude you. Even believing that you have a fundamental right to exist and get your needs met may feel hard to accept.

In all these areas, I can help you.

  • 10+ years experience as a trauma therapist
  • Almost exclusive focus on treating adults with childhood wounds
  • Use somatic (mind body therapy)- which often works for people who have not been helped by traditional talk therapy
  • On my own journey of recovery from childhood wounds so “I get it”
  • Training- I attend ongoing somatic therapy training and weekly supervision so that I am in the best shape to take care of you!

Licensed in Maryland, Florida & Vermont